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Seeding A Revolution So We May Harvest Our Sovereignty. We aim to use our reach and resources to improve our connection to our people and environment.

We're More Than a Seed Company, We're a Revolution!

For years we've been planting the seeds of sovereignty. 

Through our seed store, we've been able to grow a platform that now reaches beyond political and ethnical boundaries. We set out long ago to build a space in-which our voices could be heard without being hindered by the discomfort of those who do harm onto our people and environment. Help Us Seed The Revolution By Volunteering Your Skills!

Highlighting The Work of Our Seedkeepers

As seedkeepers ourselves, we understand the importance of our work. We would like to introduce many of our own who are driving positive change for both environmental, cultural and social justice issues


Beth Roach

Tribal Leader, Surfer, Story Teller, Environmentalist


Victoria Persinger Ferguson

Cultural Leader, Interpreter, Health Keeper


Desirée Shelley Flores

Community Organizer, Activist, Beekeeper


Crystal Cavalier