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Basil Seeds - Sweet Amethyst Improved

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  • 200 Seeds Packet
  • Unique Variety: The only purple Genovese type basil in existence.
  • Aromatic Profile: Features a delightful and potent smell, enhancing any culinary endeavor.
  • Visual Appeal: Boasts large 2–3" long amethyst-colored leaves.
  • Robust Flavor: A fusion of the classic Genovese basil taste with a refreshing twist.
  • Culinary Versatility: Suitable for a myriad of dishes from sauces to garnishes.
  • Garden Stunner: Its purple hue adds a touch of elegance and diversity to gardens.
  • Indoor and Outdoor Growth: Thrives in both container gardens and outdoor garden beds.

Historical Context: Sweet Amethyst Improved Basil stands as a testament to the innovation in horticulture. A unique blend of the beloved Genovese basil with a twist in color, this basil variety breaks the monotony of the green basil palette, introducing a richer, purple hue. This variant traces its origins back to the Genovese family but distinguishes itself with its stunning amethyst color.

Culinary Applications: One can't help but appreciate the Sweet Amethyst Improved Basil for its dual role - a visual treat and a culinary delight. The robust flavor, reminiscent of the classic Genovese basil, makes it perfect for classic Italian dishes, salads, and even aromatic oils. Its vibrant amethyst color introduces a touch of gourmet aesthetic to dishes, ensuring meals are as visually appealing as they are delicious. The leaves, when freshly plucked, can elevate the aroma and taste of various recipes, making it a favorite among chefs and home cooks alike.

Growth Habits & Planting Instructions: For those eager to introduce this basil variety into their garden, start by sowing the seeds post the last frost. Choose a location that offers ample sunlight and use well-draining soil for optimal results. The seeds can be planted 1/4 inch deep and spaced approximately 10-12 inches apart to ensure each plant has ample growth space. Regular watering and periodic checks for pests will ensure a healthy growth cycle. As the basil matures, one will be greeted with a bed of amethyst-colored leaves, ready to be plucked and incorporated into culinary masterpieces. Whether grown indoors in pots or outdoors in a garden, the Sweet Amethyst Improved Basil promises a bounty of aromatic and flavorful leaves.

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