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Cilantro Seeds - Slow Bolting Cilantro

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  • Seed Count: 100 Seeds
  • Maturity: 50-55 Days from Planting/Transplanting
  • Growth Habit: Slow to bolt variety
  • Culinary Significance: Staple in Mexican, Caribbean, and Asian dishes
  • Harvest Time: When plants reach 4-6 inches in height
  • Beneficial Attractions: Flowers attract helpful insects
  • Plant Life: Yields fresh leaves for about 5 weeks before seeding
  • Origin: Native to regions spanning Southern Europe to Southwestern Asia

Cilantro, scientifically named Coriandrum sativum, has its roots traced back to regions stretching from Southern Europe to Southwestern Asia. It's an ancient herb, documented in culinary and medicinal uses in several early civilizations. The 'Slow Bolting' variant is a cultivated variety specifically bred to address one of cilantro's few drawbacks – its tendency to bolt, or produce seeds, quickly in warmer weather.

Cilantro Slow Bolting is not just another herb; it's a culinary star. Essential for garnishing and flavoring dishes, especially in Mexican, Caribbean, and Asian cuisines, its fresh, citrusy undertone can elevate a dish's taste profile. Whether it's salsa, curry, or pho, cilantro plays an indispensable role. Beyond its taste, cilantro also offers health benefits. When the plant flowers, it does more than just look pretty – it becomes a magnet for beneficial insects, aiding in the ecological balance of your garden.

Growing Habits & Planting Instructions:
Cilantro Slow Bolting offers growers an advantage over other varieties – it takes its time before going to seed, allowing for a longer harvest period. To start your cilantro journey, sow the seeds in well-draining soil, ensuring they aren't buried too deep. Given its love for cooler temperatures, it's advisable to plant in spring or fall. Place it in a location where it receives plenty of sunlight. Water regularly but ensure not to over-water. Harvest the leaves when the plant reaches a height of 4-6 inches. With just a bit of care, you'll enjoy fresh cilantro leaves for up to 5 weeks before the plant focuses on producing seeds.

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