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Amaranth Seeds - Red Garnet Amaranth

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  • Seed Count: 1,200 Seeds
  • Maturity Timeframe: 80-100 Days from Planting/Transplanting
  • Growth Habit: Tall, sometimes reaching several feet in height
  • Foliage: Striking red leaves and plumes, a visual delight in any garden space
  • Seed Nutrition: Packed with protein, lysine, and fiber
  • Tolerance: Drought-resistant, showcasing hardiness in varied conditions
  • Soil Preference: Adaptable to various soils but thrives best in well-draining types
  • Sun Exposure: Prefers full sun for optimum growth

Origin & History:
A legacy from the ancient civilizations of the Americas, Red Garnet Amaranth is steeped in a rich history of agriculture and gastronomy. Celebrated for its brilliant garnet-red leaves and plumes, this plant's captivating appearance and nutritional abundance have cemented its place in both ornamental gardens and traditional kitchens for centuries.

A visual masterpiece, Red Garnet Amaranth does not stop at just enhancing garden aesthetics. Its culinary potential is vast and varied. The leaves, bearing a striking resemblance in taste to spinach, are nutritional powerhouses rich in iron and essential vitamins. The seeds, meanwhile, serve as a remarkable grain alternative. Gluten-free in nature, they can be cooked whole, popped like popcorn, or milled into a nutritious flour, lending versatility to one's culinary experiments.

Growing Habits & Planting Instructions:
Embarking on the journey to grow Red Garnet Amaranth is an exciting gardening endeavor. Start by selecting a sunny patch in your garden and sowing the seeds shallowly, no deeper than 1/4 inch. Amaranth isn't fussy about its soil, showcasing adaptability across types. However, a well-draining variety promotes optimum growth. Watering plays a pivotal role, especially during the germination phase. Once the plants find their footing, they shoot up, reaching impressive heights and donning their signature red foliage. Their dramatic presence is sure to turn heads and elevate the beauty of any garden space.

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