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Tomato Seeds - Speckled Roman

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  • 15 Seeds
  • 85 Days to Maturity from Transplant
  • Indeterminate Growth Habit
  • Distinct Orange and Yellow Stripes
  • Long and Slender Fruit Shape
  • Juicy Flesh with Sweet and Tart Flavor
  • High Yielding Variety
  • Perfect for Fresh Consumption and Culinary Uses

The Speckled Roman tomato has its origins deeply rooted in generations of careful cultivation. While its exact lineage remains a subject of discussion among gardening enthusiasts, one thing is certain: its vibrant appearance and delectable flavor profile have ensured its place in many gardens across the world. With a name suggesting a hint of the ancient, this tomato variety carries with it a tradition of excellence and a legacy of taste.

This tomato's brilliance isn't limited to its stunning appearance. Its juicy flesh, with a delightful balance of sweetness and tang, is a dream for culinary enthusiasts. Whether sliced fresh for salads, roasted to intensify its flavors, or pureed into a vibrant sauce, the Speckled Roman tomato is versatile in the kitchen. Its striking appearance also makes it a beautiful garnish, ensuring your dishes are as pleasing to the eye as they are to the palate.

Growing Habits & Planting Instructions:
The Speckled Roman tomato is of the indeterminate type, meaning it will continually grow and produce fruit until the season's first frost. For optimal results, start seeds indoors approximately 6-8 weeks before your region's last expected frost. Once the seedlings are robust and all danger of frost has passed, transplant them outdoors in a sunny location with well-draining soil. Regular watering is crucial, especially during fruiting. Given its indeterminate nature and the potential for heavy fruit yields, providing support through staking or caging is advisable. This ensures the plant remains upright, facilitating better air circulation and minimizing disease.

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