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Catnip Seeds

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Seed Count: 350 Seeds
Maturity: 75-80 Days from Planting/Transplanting
Type: Perennial Herb
Origin: Europe
Family: Mint family (Lamiaceae)
Primary Uses: Feline attraction, herbal remedies for humans
Growth Form: Bushy
Light Requirement: Full sun to partial shade

Catnip, with its botanical name Nepeta cataria, boasts a legacy that intertwines with both human and feline history. As a mint family member, it originates from Europe's temperate regions and was subsequently introduced to North America by early settlers. Over time, it adapted to its new environment and became naturalized, spreading its allure across the continent. Its reputation has always been twofold: a delight for cats and a source of medicinal remedies for humans.

Undoubtedly, catnip's most well-known claim to fame is the almost magical attraction it has for cats. When exposed to its leaves, many felines enter a state of euphoria, displaying heightened playfulness and joy. But beyond the feline world, catnip has long held a place in human herbal practices. The leaves, when brewed, produce a mild tea often used as a relaxant. It's been traditionally believed to alleviate insomnia and soothe digestive issues, showcasing its versatile benefits.

Growing Habits & Planting Instructions:
Catnip's growth journey is one of ease and resilience. Being a perennial, once established, it promises to grace your garden year after year. In terms of form, expect a bushy growth that reaches out, filling spaces with its aromatic presence. For planting, choose a location that offers a balance of full sun and partial shade, ensuring that the soil drains well. Start by sowing seeds a mere 1/8 inch deep. If starting indoors, begin the process 6-8 weeks prior to the last expected frost. However, if you choose to sow directly outdoors, wait until any threat of frost has passed. Give each plant its space, setting them 18-20 inches apart and maintaining row gaps of about 20-30 inches. Regular watering and occasional care will ensure a healthy catnip plant, ready to delight both you and your feline friends.

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