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Tomato Seeds - Cherokee Purple Tomato

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  • 30 Seeds
  • Maturity in 85-90 Days from Planting/Transplanting
  • Indeterminate Growth Habit
  • Rich, Deep Purple Hue
  • Complex and Sweet Flavor Profile
  • Introduced by Craig Lehoullier in 1991
  • Highly Popular Among Chefs and Gardeners
  • Requires Staking or Caging for Support

The captivating tale of the Cherokee Purple Tomato is one of intrigue and debate. First introduced to the gardening fraternity in 1991 by Craig Lehoullier, it came with an account from J.D. Green of Tennessee. Green claimed it traced its lineage back to the Cherokee Native Americans. However, a twist in its genetic tale points towards its roots in Ukraine. This dichotomy between indigenous North American and Eastern European origins continues to fuel discussions among tomato aficionados.

The Cherokee Purple Tomato is not just another tomato; it's an experience. Its unique deep purple color, coupled with its exceptional sweet flavor, makes it an undisputed favorite among both chefs and garden enthusiasts. The tomatoes, being quite sizable, are perfect for slicing onto salads or layering in sandwiches. However, such is the depth of its flavor that many tomato lovers confess to enjoying it raw, right off the vine. Its sterling reputation and unmatched taste rightfully earn it a prime spot among top sellers.

Growing Habits & Planting Instructions:
Embarking on the journey to grow the Cherokee Purple Tomato? Start by sowing the seeds indoors, about 1/4 inch deep, roughly 6-8 weeks before the last expected frost date. For those opting for direct sowing, ensure the soil is adequately warmed. When it's time for transplantation or initial spacing, maintain a distance of 24-36 inches between the plants, placing them in rows 36-48 inches apart. Sunlight is their best friend, so a sunny spot is ideal. And remember, well-drained soil is pivotal for these tomatoes to flourish. The indeterminate nature of this variety means they'll bless you with fruits throughout the season. For their unimpeded growth and to handle the weight of their bounty, provide adequate staking or caging support.

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