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Watermelon Seeds - Sugar Baby Watermelon

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  • Seed Count: 50 Seeds
  • Maturity Time: 75-80 Days from Planting
  • Vine Length: Approximately 12 Foot vines
  • Melon Production: Each vine produces up to 2 to 3 melons
  • Introduction Year: First introduced in 1956
  • Climate Preference: Thrives best in warm, dry Mediterranean type climates
  • Soil Preference: Rich and well-drained
  • Planting: Suitable for starting both indoors and outdoors

Origin & History:
The Sugar Baby Watermelon, a renowned classic, has sweetened gardens since its introduction in 1956. Its popularity owes much to its early harvesting ability and the convenience of its smaller size, which easily fits inside the household icebox, lending it the moniker of "Icebox melon." Its reputation over the decades has cemented its status as a must-have in gardens, especially in regions with Mediterranean climates.

Apart from its refreshing and sweet taste, the Sugar Baby Watermelon is celebrated for its manageable size, making it a perfect fit for family picnics, barbecues, and small gatherings. Its rich, red flesh and thin rind ensure that each bite is packed with flavor. Whether you're enjoying a fresh slice on a hot day, blending it into a cool summer drink, or including it in a fruit salad, its versatility shines through.

Growing Habits & Planting Instructions:
Nurturing the Sugar Baby Watermelon is a rewarding endeavor. It demands a location that is sun-drenched, ensuring the vines receive ample warmth. As it prefers a warm, dry Mediterranean climate, it becomes a prolific producer in such regions, with each vine extending to about 12 feet and yielding 2 or 3 melons. Prioritize rich, well-drained soil to optimize growth. While these seeds are amenable to both indoor and outdoor starts, ensure that there's ample space for their sprawling growth when choosing a location. Regular watering, especially during germination and fruit development, will enhance the sweetness and size of the melons.

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