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Pepper Seeds - Sweet Bell Mix Peppers

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  • 50 Seeds
  • 60-80 Days to Maturity
  • Stunning Mix of Colors: Red, Purple, Orange, Yellow
  • Hardy and Reliable Growth
  • Peak Maturity Harvesting
  • Exceptionally Productive Varieties
  • Suitable for a Range of Culinary Uses
  • Unique Flavor Profiles Across Colors

History: Sweet Bell Pepper Mix is the delightful culmination of centuries of agricultural dedication. While bell peppers trace their roots back to Central and South America, they have since made their mark in cuisines and gardens globally. This particular mix brings together the vibrant colors of peppers from different regions, resulting in a curated blend that celebrates the rich history and diversity of bell peppers.

Uses: The Sweet Bell Pepper Mix is not just a visual treat but also a culinary one. Each color in the mix offers a unique flavor profile, ensuring versatility in the kitchen. While the red peppers offer a sweet, almost fruity note, the purples bring in a deeper, richer taste. Oranges and yellows offer a crisp, sweet flavor, perfect for fresh salads. These peppers are ideal for stuffing, grilling, stir-frying, or simply enjoying raw. Their varied flavors also make them perfect candidates for vibrant pepper salads, salsas, or as colorful additions to pizzas and pastas.

Growing Habits & Planting Instructions: These peppers are as delightful to grow as they are to eat. They thrive in well-draining soil and require full sunlight. Begin by sowing the seeds indoors 6-8 weeks before the last expected frost. Once the seedlings have at least two leaves and the external temperatures are consistently above 60°F, transplant them outdoors, maintaining a spacing of about 18-20 inches between plants. Regular watering, without waterlogging the soil, will ensure healthy growth. For maximum flavor and color, harvest the peppers when they transition from their immature green shade to their respective vibrant hues, typically between 60 to 80 days post-transplanting. With proper care, you'll be rewarded with a plentiful and colorful harvest.

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