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Basil Seeds - Red Rubin

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  • 200 Seeds Packet
  • Color Profile: Showcases an alluring purple-copper hue on its 3-inch flat leaves.
  • Edible Blooms: Offers purple flowers with a potent basil flavor.
  • High Yield: Known for its prolific growth and abundant leaf production.
  • Award-Winning Flavor: A celebrated variant of the classic basil that's revered in culinary circles.
  • Dual Purpose: Ideal for both culinary and ornamental purposes.
  • Compatible with Various Dishes: The aromatic leaves and edible flowers can elevate numerous recipes.
  • A Garden Showstopper: The plant's distinct color profile ensures it stands out in any garden setting.

Historical Perspective: Originating from the vast lineage of basil varieties, the Red Rubin Basil distinguishes itself with its unique purple-copper hue. This variety is a modern twist on the classic basil, blending the traditional aromatic properties of basil with a visually captivating palette.

Culinary Uses: Red Rubin Basil is not just a visual treat but also a culinary delight. Its large 3-inch leaves are imbued with the aromatic basil flavor that's been a cornerstone of numerous cuisines worldwide. These leaves can be incorporated into salads, pasta, or used as a vibrant garnish. Furthermore, its edible flowers, packed with an intense basil essence, can be sprinkled over dishes to add both flavor and aesthetic appeal. Their versatile flavor profile ensures they complement a range of dishes, from appetizers to mains.

Growth Habits & Planting Instructions: For optimal growth, sow the Red Rubin Basil seeds post the last frost in a spot that receives ample sunlight. They prefer well-draining soil and benefit from regular watering, especially during the germination phase. Space the seeds or seedlings about 10-12 inches apart, ensuring they have adequate room to spread out and grow. As the plants mature, you'll be greeted with a sea of purple-copper leaves, making it a visually stunning addition to gardens, patios, or balconies. Regularly harvesting the leaves will encourage more robust growth, ensuring a steady supply throughout its growing season. For those looking to enhance their garden's visual appeal while enjoying a culinary treat, the Red Rubin Basil is a perfect choice.

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