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Pumpkin Seeds - Valenciano

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  • 10 Seeds
  • Maturity: 110 Days
  • Distinctively White Pumpkin
  • Flattened, Ribbed, Smooth Skin
  • Perfect for Artistic Carvings
  • Exceptional for Pie Making
  • Unique Variety
  • Whitest Pumpkin Variant Available

History: The Valenciano Pumpkin, with its origins shrouded in agricultural history, is often whispered about in horticultural circles for its stark white hue. Unlike its orange counterparts that have been the face of fall for centuries, the Valenciano emerged as a cultivar offering a fresh, contemporary twist. Its journey from seed to stardom can be traced back to meticulous breeding programs, all aiming for that elusive, pure white tone. The Valenciano soon became a symbol of elegance and modernity, representing both the rich traditions and the evolving tastes of pumpkin enthusiasts.

Uses: While its appearance is undoubtedly striking, the Valenciano Pumpkin isn't just about looks. This pumpkin is a culinary delight, favored for its flavorful flesh that transforms into velvety pie fillings. Its pure white skin not only adds to the aesthetic charm when carved but also acts as a canvas for artists during the Halloween season. Whether sculpted into intricate patterns or used as a base for painting, this pumpkin is every artist’s dream. Beyond just carving and cooking, its unique appearance makes it a coveted centerpiece for fall-themed decor, both indoors and out.

Growing Habits & Planting Instructions: Cultivating the Valenciano Pumpkin requires patience and care. For best results, select a sunny, well-draining patch in the garden. Enriching the soil with compost will ensure it gets the nutrients it needs. Direct sow the seeds after the threat of frost has passed, placing them an inch deep and spacing them around 4-5 feet apart to give the sprawling vines ample room. With consistent watering and occasional feeding, the Valenciano will start its journey to become the dazzling white masterpiece that it's celebrated for. After approximately 110 days, these radiant white pumpkins will be ready for harvest, displaying their luminous beauty for all to see.

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