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Tomato Seeds - Spoon

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  • Seed Count: 15 Seeds
  • Maturity: 65-70 Days from Planting
  • Fruit Characteristics: Spoon tomatoes are micro mini-sized, about the size of a tiny pea, and are vibrant fire engine-red in color. They grow in long trusses, creating a visually stunning display.
  • Average Weight: Extremely small, less than 1 gram per fruit
  • Plant Type: Indeterminate
  • Ideal Growing Conditions: Full sun, well-drained soil
  • Resistance: Moderate resistance to common tomato diseases
    Usage: Ideal for snacking, salads, and garnishes

Spoon tomatoes are celebrated for being the world's tiniest tomatoes, boasting micro mini-sized fruit that is both delightful and flavorful. Despite their diminutive size, Spoon tomatoes are packed with bold, classic red, tangy tomato flavor, making them a favorite among children and adults alike. Their small size and vibrant color make them not only a culinary delight but also an attractive edible ornamental in gardens.

Culinary Uses:
Spoon tomatoes may be tiny, but they pack a punch when it comes to flavor. Their bold, tangy taste explodes in your mouth with each bite, bringing joy to snacking and culinary creations. While they are perfect for popping straight into your mouth, Spoon tomatoes can also be used in salads, as garnishes, or in any recipe that calls for fresh tomatoes. Their vibrant color adds visual appeal to dishes, making them a versatile and charming addition to any meal.

Growth Habit & Planting Instructions:
As indeterminate plants, Spoon tomatoes have a sprawling growth habit and will continue to produce fruit throughout the growing season. They thrive in full sun and prefer well-drained soil. Start seeds indoors 7-14 days before the last expected frost, as they typically sprout within this timeframe. Plant seeds at a depth of 1/8 inch and space seedlings about 24 inches apart to allow for adequate airflow and room for growth. While Spoon tomatoes are not frost hardy, they prefer temperatures between 75-95 degrees Fahrenheit for optimal growth. Regular watering and attention to temperature and sunlight will help ensure a bountiful harvest of these delightful micro mini tomatoes.

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