Acorn Table Queen Squash 

BOTANICAL NAME Curcubita pepo

Planting and Growing Information

Sow seed 1 inch deep directly into garden, or in areas with short growing season, start indoors in small pots and transplant once the soil is warm and danger of frost has passed.  Plant into prepared beds 36 - 48 inches apart; can also be planted in groups of three in hills.  Expect germination in 6 to 10 days. 


Winter squash variety

Fruit grows to 1-2 lbs

Ribbed, acorn-shaped fruit with hard dark green rind and yellow, sweet, firm flesh 

Grows to 12 inches tall and spreads to 3-5 feet wide 

70-90 Days

Tolerant of heat and poor soil


Medium-sized fruit on vigorous, relatively compact plants.  Sweet, dry, firm flesh is good for baking, roasting or boiling and is an excellent source of beta carotene.  Keeps well in a cool, dry area.  

Acorn squashes are the closest descendant of the wild squash, and were first domesticated by Mesoamerican peoples.  The Acorn Table Queen is an open-pollinated heirloom variety that became commercially available in 1913.  

Acorn Table Queen Squash



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