Romanesco artichoke produces an abundant yield of flavor packed, bronze to greenish-purple artichokes. The Romanesco found its origins in Rome and is a bit rounder than other varieties.  

Artichoke, Romanesco

    • Plants grow to 3-5 feet
    • 3-5 flower buds per plant in the first year
    • Can produce up to 4-5 years if frost protected
    • edible buds with purple flowers
    • Perennial in zones 7+
    • 85 days from transplant
    • 25 Seeds/Packet
  • Planting - How to plant Romanesco Artichoke

    • Start Indoors: 8-12 weeks before last frost, seed 1/4" deep

    • Transplant Outdoors: 36" Apart

    • Keep seeds moist however avoid over saturating seeds 

    • Prefers full sun

    Harvesting -  How to harvest Romanesco Artichoke

    • Harvest artichokes before they open when the buds are firm and about 3 inches in diameter. 


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