Also known as Lenape Blue Bread Bean. Pole type habit, growing 6 or more feet tall. Produces a heavy crop of vibrantly purple pods filled with dark purple-purple-black seeds, with occasional tan off-types that should be rogued out. William Woys Weaver was given these seeds by a seedkeeper in Oklahoma who later passed away. Many Lenape people now reside in Oklahoma because the U.S. government forced them (as well as many other tribes) to relocate there in the 1860s. Kingsessing is derived from a Lenape word "Chingsessing," meaning “a place where there is a meadow.” Originally, this was the name for the land between the Schuylkill River and Cobbs Creek, in what is now West and Southwest Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Seeds come in Stillwater Valley Farms seed packets

Bean, Lenape Blue Bread Bean / Purple Kingsessing



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