Burgess Buttercup Squash

The Burgess Buttercup Squash is noted for it's sweet and creamy flesh.  It is rich, fiberless, and nutty - like a chestnut.  The rind is hard but thin, and it has a small seed cavity.  The squash is ideal for baking, and is considered one of the finest tasting winter squash.  It is a favorite in New England.  

The vines grow up to 10 feet long, so like other varieties of winter squash, the Burgess Buttercup will need space to grow.  Seeds can be started indoors, or direct sowed.  Plant outdoors after the soil has warmed to 62 degrees to prevent the risk of seeds rotting in soil that is too wet and cold.  After harvesting, cure fruits by exposing them to sun for 5-7 days to toughen the skins (cover them in the evening if frost is likely).  Plant in Spring for a mid-Summer harvest, or plant in mid-Summer for a Fall harvest.

Days to maturity: 95-100 
Prefers Full Sun
Seed spacing: 24"-36" (rows should be 4-6 feet apart)
Botanical name: Curcurbirta maxima(Jessica Ya)

Buttercup Burgess Squash



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