Tall Utah Celery has tender, stringless 12-inch stocks with a crisp flavor are excellent for stocks and soups. Plants are sturdy and grow up to 24-30 inches. Plants have deep green leaves and stalks. 

Celery, Tall Utah 52-70R Improved

    • Stringless stalks
    • Light flavor
    • Stalks grow up to 12 inches
    • Plants grow up to 24-30" tall
    • Biennial 
    • 100 days
    • 200 Seeds/Packet
  • Planting - How to plant Tall Utah Celery

    • Start Indoors: 10-12 weeks before last frost. Celery seeds need light, sow seeds very shallow.

    • Keep seeds moist

    • Plant Outdoors: 8-10” Apart

    • Transplant one night temperatures have been above 40°

    Harvesting -  How to harvest Tall Utah Celery

    • Remove outer stalks as needed when they reach the height of 8 inches.  
    • Use a small serrated knife to make diagonal cuts.
    • Leave inner stalks to mature. 


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