Perpetual spinach is actually a chard that taste like a spinach and has its own unique traits. It is also more vigorous and easier to grow than true spinach. It also has the advantage of producing new leaves when harvesting, making it ideal for smaller gardening spaces. It produces yields from late spring through fall if planted early. This biennial rarely bolts within its first season. 


Chard, Perpetual Spinach


    • Very productive, continuous harvest 

    • 50 Days 

    • 100 Seeds/Packet 

  • Planting - 

    • Sow seeds outdoors 1/2" in early spring when soil temperature is at least 50°F

    • Plant 4" apart. 

    • Rows 20-24" apart

    • Keep seeds moist however avoid over saturating seeds 

    • Thin 12" apart

    Harvesting -  

    • Start harvesting leaves when they're 3" long, avoid allow leaves to grow more than 10" as they will develop poor taste.

    • If harvesting for seeds, allow plants to develop seed spikes. Wait until seed spikes contain at least 2/3rds maturity. It is not unusual for immature and mature seeds to share the spike. 

    • Cut stalks and rub hand across the stalk with a tub underneath. Discard stalk.

    • Thresh seed branches with hand and discard plant material. 

    • Place in paper bag and allow to dry for 2 weeks before placing it in cool dry storage. 


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