Chioggia beet is beautifully unique varaity. Sliced roots reveal numerious red and white rings that make it appear almost as though it was candy. It's great for canning and salads. This beet originated in Chioggia, Italy, a fishing town just across the water from Venice. Chioggia beet was first introduced in French seedhouse Vilmorin in 1840. It's a popular choice for farmers markets and it delievers a mellow, mild yet sweet taste.



Beet, Chioggia

    • Light red skin
    • Candy cane stripped patterns visible when sliced
    • 60-65 days
    • 100 Seeds/Packet
  • Planting - How To Grow Chioggia Beet

    • Sow seeds outdoors 1/2" deep in spring

    • Sow 2" apart

    • Thin 4" to 6" apart

    • Rows 20"-24" apart

    • Keep seeds moist however avoid over saturating seeds 

    Harvesting -  How To Harvest Chioggia Beet

    • Plan harvest in early morning or in the evening. 

    • Cut baby leave tops about 35 days after planting for edible leaves.

    • About 55 days after planting, pull roots from soil.

    • For seed, allow beets to develop seed spikes.

    • Allow seed spikes to dry and then place into paper bag by rubbing seed spikes between hands until seeds are removed.

    • Allow seeds to dry 2 weeks in bag. 

    • Place in cool dry storage


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