Originally made available in 1989 by Ralph Blackwell of Alabama. Ole Timey Blue is an heirloom collard that has been kept by his family for well over 100 years. Collards will grow up toe 2' tall with blue blemished green leaves and purple stems.


Collard, Ole Timey Blue

    • Plants grow up to 2 feet tall
    • Blue-green leaves and purple stems & veins
    • Delicious classic
    • 60-80 days
    • 150 Seeds/Packet
  • Planting - How to Grow Ole Timey Blue Collards

    • Start Indoors 6-8 weeks before last frost

    • Plant Outdoors 24” Apart

    • Enjoys full sun

    Harvesting - How To Harvest Ole Timey Blue Collards

    • Plan harvest in early morning. Most prefer to harvest after hit with frost

    • Pick leaves when they are about 10 Inches long and dark. Older leaves will be tough and stringy.


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