25 packets mixed between vegetables,  herbs, and flowers. 
Thank you to everyone who has made our seed selling department of our project a success! Over the last three months, we have been able to see very promising numbers in seed sells! These seed sells bring us closer to achieving the various goals in improving cultural, health, agricultural, and environmental health in our communities and the future communities we hope to reach. We are still an incredibly small organization working out of our own home and we truly, truly appreciate all the support we have received.
Now we are offering an incredible deal to clear out all of our excess stock. We had planned to launch our store earlier in the year, however multiple transitions happened in our lives that which delayed this goal. As a result, we still have an excess amount of seed that we will not be selling next year.
Each packet was germinated tested for 2019, meaning we had 12 months to sell each packet. We could give them another germination test and continue to sell them for 2020, however we want to make sure we start out our seed selling with the highest standards possible. 
This doesn't mean anything is wrong with the seed and it doesn't mean the germination rate will necessarily low. Each seed has been stored to the highest standards possible and handled with incredible care. We limit as much motion, temperature change, exposure to contact and moisture as can. There may be a slight decline in germination rate, however is planted in 2020, you should still have a relatively high germination rate. If you wait until 2021 however, you may start to see significant drops in germination. 
At the end of the day, we need these seeds out the door so we can make room for larger selections of much more rare, and unique varieties and generate more income to start printing our own packs, complete with stories and instructions. Anything left over after December will be donated to local garden projects and other indigenous agriculture projects. 
Thank you for all of your help!

Dec. Seed Packet Clearance: Veg/Herb/Flower Grab Bag


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