Golden Bantam 8 Row Sweet Corn

Zea mays L. var. rugosa / SKU: Go:Co:Sw:Pa


  • Delicious, mild sweetness
  • 8 row
  • Sweet corn
  • Early producer
  • Excellent canning
  • 70-85 days

Golden Bantam 8 Row Sweet Corn

SKU: Go:Co:Sw:Pa

  • The corn that changed contemporary America! Originally grown by William Chambers of Greenfield Massachusetts prior to the early 1900s. Before market introduction, non-indigenous Americans thought most corn other than white sweet corn were only meant for animal consumption. They overall lacked the  knowledge and skill in preparation of other types of corn such as flour and flint. Then in 1900, a seed collector by the name of E.L. Coy was served a bowl of Golden Bantam corn. Shocked by the delicious and sweet taste, E.L. Coy quickly sent samples to his friends at Burpee Seed Co where soon later they announced it to be the finest tasting corn as they released it into their catalog. Over a short period of time, Golden Bantam became the standard for farmers and home gardeners alike and Golden Bantam eventually paved the way for various other varieties of yellow sweet corn across the globe.

    • Sow seeds 1.5 inches deep, 4-6 inches apart after danger of frost
    • Thin 8 inches apart
    • Rows 1.5 feet apart
    • Full sun

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