Henderson Bush Lima Bean

Phaseolus lunatus / SKU: He:Li:Bu:Pa


  • Bush bean
  • Small white seeds of excellent quality.
  • Disease resistant
  • Shelling and Dry bean
  • 60-75 days

Henderson's Bush Lima Bean

  • Henderson's Bush Lima Bean

    "A vegtable wonder!"
    Peter Henderson & Co.

    Synonyms: Dwarf Sieva, Dwarf Carolina, Kelsey Bush, Small White Bush.

    Introduced sometime before its' first recording in 1875. It was found growing alongside the roadside in Virginia. Henderson lima bush bean is a compact dwarf that produces an incredible amount of pods. Early season and delightful taste, excellent for canning and great for small gardens! Does well in unpredictable weather conditions. 

    • Sow seeds 2 inch deep, 3 inches apart after danger of frost
    • Rows 2 feet apart
    • Full sun


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