Also known as Kiwano or African Horned Cucumber, although it is botanically not a true cucumber. Thorny oval shaped fruit that is filled with seeds and a greenish to gold jelly. It develops a green color but becomes a bright orange as it ripens. It's flavor is similar to that of pomegranante and citrus and loaded with vitamin C. This melon originated in Africa near the Kalahari Desert.

Melon, Jelly Melon Cucumber


    • Thorny oval fruits
    • Green-gold as it ripens,
    • Gel-filled fruits
    • Flavor similar to citrus or pomegranate
    • 120 days
    • 10 Seeds/Packet
  • Planting - Jelly Melon Cucumbers

    • Sow seeds outdoors 1" deep after danger of frost.

    • Plant 6-8 seeds per hill

    • Thin to 3-4 plants

    • Prefers full sunlight 

    Harvesting -  Jelly Melon Cucumbers

    • Plan harvest in early morning,  

    • Immerse in cold water after harvesting to increase storage life  

    • Best picked between 12-18 inches long and 2 ½ inches in diameter  

    • Use a small serrated knife or another cutting tool, pulling may damage the cucumber and plant. 


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