Peals & Gold has been a popular choice of many home gardeners for years! It's sweet and delicious flavor gives people that familiar sweet corn taste they are used to. 

Corn, Pearls & Gold

    • Hybrid Type, Non-GMO
    • Bicolor white/gold
    • Sweet
    • 1-2, 6-8" Long Ears Per Stalk 
    • 8-10' Tall
    • 81-90 Days
    • 8.5G/Packet
  • Planting - How To Grow Pearls And Gold Corn 

    • Sow seeds outdoors 1" deep after danger of frost.  

    • For best results, plant in 3 to 6 row blocks instead of a single row  

    • Thin 8" apart.  

    • Keep seeds moist however avoid over saturating seeds  

    • Maturing crops Prefers consistent watering in well-drained soil.  

    Harvesting - How To Harvest Pearls and Gold Corn 

    • Plan harvest in early morning or in the evening.  

    • If harvesting it for sweet, or milk stage, wait until corn silk is dark brown all the way to the husk.  

    • If harvesting for seed or full maturity, allow corn to dry on stalk, seed corn is most optimal when ears and husk are completely dry and starting to point downwards.  (note that this is a hybrid type corn. Hybrid is not the same thing as GMO. Hybridization occurs when two separate varieties are crossed to breed a new hybrid variety. Almost all varieties began as hybrids before they stabilize and become an open pollinated variety. You can try to save Pearls and Gold seed; however, it will not grow true to type and may revert back to one of its parent lines) 



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