Seven Top Turnip

Seven Top Turnips are sought out for their flavorful and deep green leafy tops, rather than root.  The plant focuses most of it's energy on growing these leaves.  It's roots are small and woody, but the impressive greens grow 18-24 inches high and are full of nutrients like vitamin K, C, calcium, and antioxidants.  Once commonly grown in Southern gardens, this variety is now harder to find.

Seven Top Turnips are normally planted in the Fall for a Winter harvest, but can be planted in early Spring.  The leaves, when picked small, add a nice spice to salads.  When picked a little bit larger they can be sautéed alone, or with other vegetables.

Due to their fast growing time, they are a good candidate for successive sowings.  Smaller leaves take about 45 days to maturity, and larger leaves take three weeks longer.  They can also be used as a cover crop, or in pasture.

Prefers full to part sun
Botanical name: Brassica rapa
Planting depth: 1/4-1/2 inch
Seed spacing: 1 inch
Row spacing: 12-18 inches
Seed spacing after thinning: 4-6 inches(Jessica Ya)

Seven Top Turnip



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