Tarahumara sunflowers were selected by the Tarahumara people to be well adapted to poor soils.  Produces solid gold flowers which can reach up to 8-10" diameter. It's edible seeds are primarily a beautiful ivory-colored white with the occasional striped seed. 

 Solid gold flowers are 8-10" in diameter. Primarily ivory-colored edible seeds with an occasional striped seed. 

Sunflower, Tarahumara


    • Golden yellow petals grow to 10 inches across
    • Plants grow to 6-9 feet tall
    • Adaptable to poor soils.
    • 80 days
  • Planting - How To Grow Tarahumara Sunflowers

    • Sow seeds outdoors 1/2" deep after danger of frost. 

    • Plant 6" apart

    • Keep seeds moist however avoid over saturating seeds 

    • Make rows 24-36" apart

    Harvesting -  How To Harvest Tarahumara Sunflower

    • Plan harvest in early morning or in the evening. 

    • If possible, harvest sunflowers when they are completely dry, if impossible due to birds, cut stalk up to several feet from the head and tie from the bottom and hang it somewhere safe upside down. 

    • Best seed are saved from heads that have been able to fully mature and dry on stalk. 


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