Gorgeous purple tinged tomatillo that has been known to grow wild in Mexican cornfields. Strong flavor. Ready to harvest between 70-90s after transplant. 


Tomatillo, Purple de Milpa

    • Purple-tinged fruits
    • Grows up to 1"
    • Plants grow up to 3-4 feet
    • 70-90 days from transplant
    • 25 Seeds/Packet
  • Planting - How to Grow Purple de Milpa Tomatillo

    • Sow seeds 1/4th inch deep in transplant trays.

    • Once the soil is warm and danger of frost has passed, plant into prepared bed 24 to 36 inches

    Harvesting - How To Harvest Purple de Milpa Tomatillo

    • Plan harvest in early morning,  

    • Use a small serrated knife or another cutting tool, pulling may damage the tomatillo and plant. 


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