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Affordable, Inclusive, and Totally Not Terrible - FREE US SHIPPING ON SEED ORDERS $12+!
Affordable, Inclusive, and Totally Not Terrible - FREE US SHIPPING ON SEED ORDERS $12+!

Angelonia Seeds - Serena Blue

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  • 10 Seeds
  • 90-100 Days from Planting/Transplanting
  • Known as the 'Summer Snapdragon'
  • Produces vibrant spikes of colorful flowers
  • Heat and drought tolerant
  • Reaches heights of 12-14 inches
  • Prefers full sun to light shade
  • Low maintenance and resistant to most pests and diseases

Origin & History:
Angelonia, often dubbed the 'Summer Snapdragon', is a majestic flower native to Central and South America. Throughout history, this plant has graced gardens and landscapes with its vibrant and long-lasting blooms, making it a favorite for both ancient and modern gardeners. The Serena variety, in particular, has gained popularity for its dense flower spikes and resilience in various climates.

The Serena Angelonia is not only a visual delight but is also famed for its adaptability. Perfect for borders, flower beds, and containers, its bloom adds a touch of tropical flair to any setting. The flower spikes, coming in a range of colors, can be used in fresh floral arrangements, retaining their vibrancy for extended periods. Additionally, their prolonged blooming season ensures a colorful display from late spring to early autumn, providing continuous visual interest.

Growing Habits & Planting Instructions:
Planting and caring for Serena Angelonia is a breeze, even for novice gardeners. For best results, choose a location that offers full sun to light shade. While the plant is notably drought-tolerant, it's advisable to provide regular water until it's well established. Sow the seeds on the soil's surface, lightly pressing them in without covering. They typically germinate within two weeks. As they grow, they require minimal maintenance, showcasing their brilliant blooms without much fuss. Plus, their natural resistance to pests and diseases ensures a healthy, thriving display throughout their growth cycle.

Dive into a gardening journey with our Serena Angelonia seeds. These seeds aren’t just a promise of radiant blooms, but they offer a robust plant that thrives with minimal care. Whether you're aiming for a tropical ambiance or a prolonged splash of color, the Serena Angelonia stands as a testament to beauty and resilience. Sow today and let your garden radiate with the charm of the Summer Snapdragon!

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