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Affordable, Inclusive, and Totally Not Terrible - FREE US SHIPPING ON SEED ORDERS $12+!
Affordable, Inclusive, and Totally Not Terrible - FREE US SHIPPING ON SEED ORDERS $12+!

Gomphrena Seeds - Gnome Mix

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  • Seed Count: 30 seeds
  • Maturity Date: 90-100 days from germination
  • Plant Type: Annual
  • Origin: Native to Central America and South America
  • Height: 6-12 inches tall
  • Light Requirement: Full sun
  • Soil Preference: Well-drained, moderately fertile soil
  • Special Features: Globe-shaped blooms in mixed colors, heat-tolerant, drought-tolerant

History: Gomphrena, commonly known as Globe Amaranth, originates from Central and South America. It has been cultivated for centuries for its unique, globe-shaped flowers and its resilience to challenging growing conditions. The Gnome Mix variety is a compact selection that offers a blend of cheerful colors, including pink, purple, and white. This variety is particularly cherished for its heat and drought tolerance, making it a go-to for gardeners in warm and arid regions. Additionally, Gomphrena has historical uses in herbal medicine and as a dye plant.

Uses: The Gomphrena Gnome Mix is highly versatile and serves multiple functions in the garden and beyond. Its compact growth habit and vibrant, globe-shaped flowers make it an ideal candidate for borders, containers, and even as a bedding plant. The blooms are also excellent for cut-flower arrangements and can be easily dried for long-term decorative use. Because of its heat and drought tolerance, it's a favorite in xeriscaping. The bright, long-lasting blooms are highly attractive to pollinators, providing ecological benefits to your garden by attracting bees, butterflies, and other beneficial insects.

Growth Habit & Planting Instructions: Gomphrena Gnome Mix is relatively easy to grow, suitable for both beginner and seasoned gardeners. To start from seed, sow indoors 6-8 weeks before the last expected frost, covering lightly with soil. Provide a temperature of around 70-75°F for optimal germination, which should occur in 14-21 days. Transplant outdoors after the danger of frost has passed, spacing plants about 6-10 inches apart in a location with full sun and well-drained, moderately fertile soil. This plant is highly adaptable and will tolerate poor soil conditions but will perform best when the soil is well-drained. It's also advisable to water the plants regularly but moderately, as Gomphrena is drought-tolerant once established. You can expect blooms within 90-100 days from germination, lasting throughout the summer and into early fall.

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