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Plectranthus Seeds - Silver Shield

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  • Seed Count: 10 seeds
  • Maturity Date: 75-90 days after planting
  • Plant Type: Perennial in zones 10-11, Annual elsewhere
  • Color: Silvery-grey foliage
  • Plant Height: 18-24 inches
  • Spread: 15-18 inches
  • Sun Requirements: Full sun to partial shade
  • Soil Requirements: Well-drained, moderately fertile soil

History: Plectranthus, commonly known as Silver Shield, has its roots in tropical areas of Africa, Asia, and Australia. It's well-loved for its striking silvery-grey leaves that serve as a unique focal point in any garden. Over the years, it has gained popularity not just in its native regions but also in gardens across the world. Particularly in the United States and Europe, it has found its way into ornamental gardens and indoor spaces, where its visual appeal and ease of care have made it a gardener's favorite.

Uses: Silver Shield Plectranthus is versatile and offers a variety of uses in both landscape and container gardening. Its eye-catching foliage serves as an excellent contrast to flowering plants, and it can be a beautiful addition to borders, beds, and patio pots. It is also drought-tolerant, making it a great choice for xeriscaping. The leaves are not only ornamental but are also aromatic, adding a sensory dimension to your garden. Additionally, it's a good companion plant that can help deter garden pests.

Growth Habit and Planting Instructions: This plant typically reaches a height of 18-24 inches with a similar spread, making it a medium-sized addition to your garden. It is suitable for both full sun and partial shade, although the color of the leaves may vary depending on light conditions. For optimal growth, plant in well-drained, moderately fertile soil. Sow the seeds on the surface of the soil, gently pressing them in but not covering them completely, as they need light to germinate. Space the seeds or seedlings 15-18 inches apart to give them room to grow. Water moderately, letting the soil dry out slightly between waterings. With a maturity date between 75 and 90 days, your Silver Shield Plectranthus will quickly become a focal point, whether you're growing it in your garden or as a houseplant.

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