Revitalizing Our Communities
Protecting Our Future

"Unity cannot happen until we place our hands into the soil and feed each other."

-Fix Račhakwáhsthaʔ Cain, Co-Founder



The Alliance of Native Seedkeepers seeks out a future where indigenous peoples may live with the security of food, health, culture, environment, unity, and justice.


We redevelop the spiritual bonds our people have with the seeds which in return teaches us how to become more environmentally, culturally, economically, and health conscious. 

Grow Sovereignty By Seeding Revolution

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Herb Seeds

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Áksu·t Doris Language Recovery, Seed Collection
Denied her language and culture in the Jim Crow South. Grandma carried her fear until the day she passed away. We are working diligently to support the language recovery of our people from an ecological point of view. Read her story here and find out how you can support. 

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