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Our Journey: From Seed to Sovereignty

Our Origins

Born from a dream among Victoria Persinger Ferguson, Dwayne Painter, and Desirée Shelley Flores of the Monacan Nation, Beth Roach of the Nottoway Tribe of Virginia, and Fix of the Skarù·ręʔ, the Alliance of Native Seedkeepers started in a modest apartment teeming with the promise of life. Today, we operate from a micro-farm, which serves as both our home and the epicenter of our mission.

Our Store: More Than a Marketplace

Our seed store is an extension of our mission and is unique in its focus. Beyond a place of commerce, it's a sanctuary that celebrates the rich tapestry of indigenous seedkeeping traditions. Each seed sold is a capsule of heritage and ecological wisdom, carefully selected and ethically sourced. Moreover, our store serves as an educational hub, offering workshops and resources on indigenous seedkeeping practices, ecological farming, and environmental justice. Every purchase directly funds our broader initiatives, from community education to legal battles for indigenous land rights.

Our Mission

We are more than just a seed company. We work to reconnect indigenous communities with their ancestral foodways and to restore the sacred relationship between these communities and their seeds.

Our Collaborations

We have partnered with indigenous communities nationwide, learning from their unique seedkeeping traditions and imparting our own experiences. These collaborations enrich our collective heritage and inform our evolving practices.

Our Challenges

From facing violence and systemic racial barriers to navigating complex land rights issues, our journey has had its share of challenges. However, each obstacle reinforces our commitment to our mission.

Our Environmental Impact

Our seeds are not mere biological entities; they're reservoirs of ecological wisdom, adapted to specific environmental conditions. This makes them naturally resilient to the challenges of climate change. By preserving and planting these seeds, we contribute to the Earth's biodiversity and ecological balance.

Our Business Model

In an industry often dismissive of indigenous seedkeeping practices, we stand as a challenge to the status quo. Our commercial success supports our advocacy work, ranging from policy lobbying to raising awareness about indigenous agricultural biodiversity.

Our Future Vision

We are guided by the principle of seven-generational thinking, always considering the long-term impact of our actions. We aim for a future where indigenous people can live in harmony with their environment, preserving their culture while also advancing social justice.

Join Us

Our customers are not merely consumers; they are allies in a revolutionary journey towards rekindling a more harmonious, sustainable world.

We are the Alliance of Native Seedkeepers. Our journey reflects the collective resilience of our community and heritage. We invite you to join us in sowing seeds of change.

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