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Myosotis Forget-Me-Not Seeds - Compindi

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  • Seed Count: 200 Seeds
  • Maturity Date: 55-65 days from planting
  • Plant Type: Biennial or short-lived perennial
  • Flower Color: Bright blue with a yellow or white center
  • Height: Up to 3 feet tall
  • Spread: Up to 3 feet wide
  • Sun Requirements: Full sun to partial shade
  • Soil Requirements: Well-drained, moderately fertile soil
  • Additional Information: Attracts bees and other pollinators

History: Myosotis, commonly known as Forget-Me-Not, has a long history of captivating gardeners and flower enthusiasts alike. Originating in Europe, the Forget-Me-Not has a rich folklore attached to it. Often associated with remembrance and enduring love, these plants have been a staple in European gardens for centuries. The Compindi variety, sometimes referred to as the Chinese Forget-Me-Not, is especially cherished for its vivid, eye-catching blooms. The name "Forget-Me-Not" itself is steeped in romantic legends and historical tales, one of which involves a knight who threw the flowers to his love with the words "forget me not" as he was swept away by a river.

Uses: The Compindi variety of Myosotis is an extremely versatile plant that can be utilized in various parts of your garden. Its bright blue flowers make it a stunning choice for rock gardens or border plantings. Because the plant attracts a multitude of pollinators, including bees, it is also an excellent choice for those looking to support local ecosystems. The flowers make charming cut arrangements, adding a dash of color to any indoor setting. Beyond its aesthetic value, the Forget-Me-Not is also frequently used in symbolic plantings to commemorate special occasions or loved ones.

Growth Habit and Planting Instructions: Myosotis Compindi can grow up to 3 feet in both height and width, forming a rounded mound of foliage and flowers. For the best growing conditions, choose a location with well-drained, moderately fertile soil. They can tolerate both full sun and partial shade. Sow the seeds directly into the soil about 1/8 inch deep, spaced 9-12 inches apart. Water moderately, taking care not to oversaturate the soil, as this can lead to root diseases. Expect blooms to appear between 55-65 days after planting, and continuing through the growing season. The plants can self-seed under good conditions, providing you with a new generation of Forget-Me-Nots for the next growing season.

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