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Tomato Seeds - Floradel

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  • Seed Count: 25 per packet
  • Maturity: 74 days from Planting/Transplanting
  • Plant Height: 6ft-20ft
  • Growth Habit: Indeterminate
  • Fruit Characteristics: Medium-sized, red, firm, crack-resistant
  • Soil pH Range: 5.5 to 7
  • Planting Season: Early Spring to Late Summer
  • Climate Adaptability: Heat-tolerant, suitable for humid climates, adaptable with seaweed fertilizer in cooler climates

History: Floradel Tomato, a cultivar of Floralou, is an open-pollinated heirloom variety within the Solanaceae family. It has been valued for generations for its adaptability and robustness, making it a popular choice for gardeners in a variety of climates. This variety represents a rich history in tomato cultivation, combining the resilience of heirloom varieties with modern cultivation needs.

Uses: The medium-sized tomatoes produced by the Floradel plant are perfect for a variety of culinary uses. Their firmness and crack-resistant nature make them ideal for sandwiches, salads, and slicing. Floradel tomatoes are known for their delicious taste and versatility in the kitchen, making them a favorite for both raw and cooked dishes.

Growing Habits & Planting Instructions: Floradel Tomato plants are indeterminate, meaning they continue to grow and produce fruit throughout the growing season. They prefer full sun exposure and moist soil conditions, with a pH range of 5.5 to 7. To achieve optimal growth, start seeds indoors before the last frost and transplant them outdoors in early spring. Provide plenty of space for growth, as these plants can reach heights between 6 and 20 feet. Regular watering and the use of seaweed fertilizer, particularly in cooler climates, can enhance their growth and fruit production. With proper care, Floradel tomatoes can be harvested from early spring through late summer, providing gardeners with a bountiful yield of high-quality tomatoes.

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