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Affordable, Inclusive, and Totally Not Terrible - FREE US SHIPPING ON SEED ORDERS $12+!
Affordable, Inclusive, and Totally Not Terrible - FREE US SHIPPING ON SEED ORDERS $12+!

Artichoke Seed - Romanesco Seeds

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  • 25 Seeds
  • 120-150 Days from Planting/Transplanting
  • Upright Growth Habit
  • Deep Green, Purple-Tinged Coloration
  • Meaty, Nutty Flavor

  • History:

    Hailing from the heart of Italy, the Romanesco Artichoke is steeped in rich tradition and culinary heritage. This variety, distinguished by its rounded shape and beautiful purple-tinged tips, has graced Roman tables for centuries and is considered by many as the true Italian artichoke.

    Romanesco Artichokes are prized for their meaty and flavorful hearts, which boast a slightly nuttier taste than other varieties. Perfect for steaming, grilling, or making the traditional Roman "carciofi alla romana" (braised artichokes), these artichokes turn any meal into a Mediterranean feast. Beyond their delightful taste, they're also a rich source of fiber, antioxidants, and various essential vitamins.

    Growing Habits & Planting Instructions:
    For the best results, start the seeds indoors 8-10 weeks before the last expected frost. Once seedlings are sturdy and all danger of frost has passed, transplant them to a sunny spot with well-drained soil, spacing plants about 3-4 feet apart. Artichokes thrive with deep, regular watering and benefit from occasional feeding with a balanced fertilizer. As buds appear, harvest them before the leaves fully open to enjoy their tender, flavorful hearts.

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