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Squash Seeds - Buttercup Burgess Squash

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  • 25 Seeds
  • 85-95 Days from
  • Planting/Transplanting
  • Vining Plant Small, round-shaped fruit
  • Rich, sweet flavor Improves in taste with storage
  • Excellent candidate for long-term storage
  • Grows best in well-drained soil and full sun

History: Buttercup Burgess, a revered heirloom winter squash, boasts a lineage that has stood the test of time. Recognized for its petite, round profile, its real charm lies in its rich, sweet flavor that has brought warmth and nourishment to family tables across generations, especially during the chilly winter months.

Uses: More than just a pretty face in the vegetable world, Buttercup Burgess shines in the kitchen. Whether baked to perfection, roasted to a delightful crispness, or pureed into a velvety soup, this squash is a culinary delight. Its inherent sweet and nutty essence is known to further deepen and enrich with time, making it an exceptional choice for those seeking vegetables suited for extended storage.

Growing Habits & Planting Instructions: For those keen on reaping a bountiful harvest of Buttercup Burgess, it's crucial to provide it with the right environment. Begin by planting the seeds about an inch deep, ensuring a gap of 3-4 feet between each seed. Rows should be spaced between 6-8 feet apart. A preference for well-drained soil and an affinity for the full sun defines this squash, so ensure these conditions are met. Remember, the Buttercup Burgess is inherently a vining plant, and as such, requires ample room to sprawl and grow to its full potential.

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