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Corn Seeds - Cherokee White Eagle

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  • Seed Count: 90 Seeds
  • Maturity: 110-120 Days from Planting/Transplanting
  • Plant Height: Tall Stalk
  • Kernel Color: Blend of white and dark-colored kernels
  • Origin: Native American Heirloom, Cherokee tradition

The Cherokee White Eagle Corn stands as a remarkable testament to the rich heritage and traditions of the Cherokee Nation. This corn variety, bearing kernels of both light and dark hues, is more than just an agricultural product; it's a symbol. Within each kernel, the contrasting colors represent the age-old balance between peace and adversity, a tangible reminder of the challenges faced and the tranquility sought by the Cherokee people.

Beyond its symbolic significance, the Cherokee White Eagle Corn finds practical use in the culinary world. Its kernels, when ground, produce a cornmeal of unparalleled flavor and a unique, speckled coloration. This cornmeal finds its way into a host of traditional Native American dishes, further emphasizing the corn's integral role in Cherokee culture. Additionally, given its deep-rooted cultural relevance, this variety is often showcased in traditional ceremonies.

Growing Habits & Planting Instructions:
Cultivating the Cherokee White Eagle Corn requires attention to detail. For starters, seeds should be planted about an inch deep in the soil, ensuring a gap of 8-12 inches between individual seeds. Rows, meanwhile, should be spaced about 24-36 inches apart. As with most corn varieties, this one too thrives in sunlit patches, making a sunny spot in the garden ideal. The soil should be rich and well-draining, providing the right environment for growth. Regular watering, combined with timely pest management, will go a long way in ensuring a successful harvest of this historic corn variety.

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