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Eggplant Seeds - Pingtung Long

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  • 30 Seeds
  • 65-75 Days from Planting/Transplanting
  • Slender 15 inch Fruits
  • Dark and Lavender Coloration
  • Disease Resistant
  • Originally from Taiwan Prolific Production
  • Heat-tolerant

History: The story of Pingtung Long begins in the warmth of southern Taiwan, specifically in Pingtung County, from which it derives its name. This eggplant has been a centerpiece of Taiwanese cuisine for generations, grown by farmers who cherished its unique characteristics and passed down its seeds through the ages. Its reputation has transcended local boundaries, and today, it's sought after by gardeners and chefs around the world.

Uses: The appeal of Pingtung Long is manifold. Its slender, 15-inch fruits are not just eye-catching but are also culinary delights. Their mild, slightly sweet taste, complemented by the aesthetic dark and lavender skin, brings depth and complexity to dishes. This eggplant variety is a favorite in stir-fries, grilled preparations, and many traditional Taiwanese recipes. Its versatile nature ensures it's equally at home in contemporary dishes or time-honored classics.

Growing Habits & Planting Instructions: For those with a passion for gardening, Pingtung Long offers a rewarding experience. This variety is known for its disease-resistant traits, ensuring a robust yield even for those new to gardening. For optimal growth, choose a location with abundant sunlight and well-draining soil. Plant the seeds about 1/4 inch deep, ensuring adequate space between each to allow unfettered growth. They thrive best in warmer temperatures, so it's advisable to plant post the last frost of the season. Regular watering, without over-saturating, will see the plants flourish, bearing the signature slender fruits in no time. As they mature, their rich lavender hue becomes even more pronounced, signaling they're ready for harvest.

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