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Digitalis Seeds - Foxglove Mixed Colors

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  • Seed Count: 500 seeds.
  • Plant Type: Biennial.
  • Origin: Historically found in woodlands and moorlands of Europe.
  • Color Palette: Beautiful bright mixed colors.
  • Height: Varies depending on species, commonly between 3-5 feet.
  • Soil Preference: Moderately fertile, well-draining.
  • Light Requirement: Partial shade.

History: Foxglove, with its iconic bell-shaped flowers, has long graced the woodlands and moorlands of Europe. This historically cherished plant not only holds a place in the annals of herbal medicine but has been a source of inspiration for poets, artists, and gardeners alike. Its name is believed to be derived from its flowers' resemblance to fingered gloves, with old English tales suggesting that foxes wore them to silently approach prey. Over centuries, foxgloves have transitioned from wild landscapes to ornamental gardens, reflecting their timeless appeal and gardeners' enduring fascination.

Uses: The Foxglove's mixed colors introduce a symphony of hues, enriching gardens with their bright and captivating blooms. Their upward-opening flowers create a visual spectacle, making them a standout in borders, cottage gardens, or even as standalone focal points. The versatility of the Foxglove doesn't end in the garden; with the aid of sturdy flower shears, these blooms can be cut and brought indoors, infusing living spaces with nature's artwork. As a cut flower, Foxgloves offer an easy way to refresh and revitalize indoor décor, allowing for seamless transitions from one vibrant bloom to the next.

Growing Habits & Planting Instructions: Cultivating Foxglove from seeds promises a colorful and vibrant garden showcase. Begin by selecting a spot that offers well-draining, moderately fertile soil. While Foxgloves can adapt to various lighting conditions, a location with partial shade is optimal, replicating their natural woodland habitat. Scatter the 1000 seeds over the chosen area, lightly covering them with soil. Regular watering, especially during dry periods, ensures healthy growth. As biennials, Foxgloves typically form a rosette of leaves in their first year and flower in their second. Post-flowering, the plants can be allowed to self-seed, ensuring a continuous display in subsequent years. With minimal intervention and care, Foxgloves will reward gardeners with their magnificent, towering blooms, season after season.

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