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Pumpkin Seeds - Marina Di Chioggia

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  • 12 Seeds
  • Maturity: 85-100 Days
  • Unique Warty Exterior
  • Fruit Weight: 10-25 pounds
  • Excellent for Cooking
  • Vigorous Growth Habit
  • Dark Green to Light Grey Color
  • Rich Orange Flesh

History: The Marina Di Chioggia pumpkin, tracing its roots to the small Italian town of Chioggia, is a cherished heirloom variety that has been celebrated for centuries. This special pumpkin, adorned with its characteristic warty skin, is not only famed in Italy but has also found its way to gardens worldwide, revered for its unique appearance and delectable taste.

Uses: A true culinary star, the Marina Di Chioggia pumpkin boasts a rich, sweet flesh that's ideal for a plethora of dishes. Its dense, moist texture shines through in pumpkin pies, adding that traditional richness many crave during the autumn months. Soups and stews infused with its flavors become instant favorites, offering warmth and comfort. Beyond its culinary applications, this pumpkin, with its distinct warty exterior, becomes a centerpiece in fall decorations. Whether carved into whimsical Jack-o-lanterns or left untouched, its presence adds charm and character to any setting.

Growing Habits & Planting Instructions: Thriving as a bush-type vine, the Marina Di Chioggia pumpkin is vigorous in nature, stretching to lengths of 4-5 feet. For those keen on cultivating this variety, opt for sun-drenched spots with well-draining soil, ensuring the pumpkin's growth remains unhampered. Its appetite for nutrients is notable; hence, a generous feed of organic matter or balanced fertilizer is crucial. If you're sowing directly, wait for the final frost to pass. Alternatively, initiate growth indoors, transplanting when seedlings exhibit 2-3 robust leaves. With a maturity span of 85-100 days post-planting, expect to be greeted by the mesmerizing warty pumpkins as autumn sets in, ready to enchant and nourish.

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