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Squash Seeds - Green Striped Cushaw

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  • 25 Seeds
  • Maturity: 95 Days from Planting/Transplanting
  • Distinct Sweet and Nutty Flavor Profile
  • Stores Exceptionally Well
  • Vine Borer Resistant and Heat Tolerant
  • Green and White Striped Exterior Notably Large, Often Weighing Between 10-20 Pounds
  • Can Grow Up to 12-18 Inches in Length

History: The Green Striped Cushaw, scientifically recognized as C. mixta, boasts an ancient lineage. Its cultivation began between 7,000 to 3,000 BC, rooted in the skilled agricultural practices of the indigenous communities of Central America. Over millennia, its popularity spread across the Americas. From its historical origins in Central America to its present-day reverence, especially within southern US indigenous communities, this squash has journeyed across time and regions, attesting to its enduring appeal.

Uses: Opening a Green Striped Cushaw is akin to discovering a culinary treasure. Its moderately sweet flesh offers a reminiscent taste of sweet potatoes, making it a favorite substitute in many traditional recipes. Beyond its role as a stand-in for sweet potatoes, this squash shines in its own right. The creamy, nutty essence of its flesh makes it the star ingredient in pies, puddings, and other dessert dishes. The long storage life of the Green Striped Cushaw further elevates its desirability, ensuring that its delightful taste can be savored over extended periods.

Growing Habits & Planting Instructions: Green Striped Cushaw is known for its resilience. It thrives even in warmer climates, displaying an impressive tolerance to heat. Furthermore, this variety stands strong against vine borers, ensuring healthier plants and a more bountiful yield. To cultivate, plant seeds in a sunny location, ensuring they're embedded about an inch deep into well-draining soil. Space the seeds about 4-5 feet apart to give the plants enough room to flourish. Regular watering, especially during the initial growth phase, will help produce healthy fruits. After about 95 days post planting, you'll be met with the delightful green and white-striped squashes, ready for harvest and culinary exploration.

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