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Sunflower Seeds - Arikara

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  • Seed Count: 15 Seeds
  • Maturity Date: 70 Days
  • Flower Head Size: 12-16 inches across
  • Plant Height: Towers up to 12 feet tall
  • Multiple Heads: Mix of both single and multi-head stalks
  • Plant Type: Annual flowers
  • Edible Seeds: Seeds are edible and can be consumed
  • Historical Significance: Traditionally grown by the Arikara for generations

History: The Arikara Sunflower has a rich history, intimately tied to the Arikara people who have been cultivating it for generations. Collected by Melvin Gilmore from the Arikara at the Fort Berthold Reservation, this sunflower variety is cherished not only for its beauty but also for its utilitarian properties. Originally, it was grown for both consumption and medicinal uses. Furthermore, some crops were intentionally left out for the frost to increase the oil content in the seeds. The Arikara Sunflower is a significant plant that transcends its ornamental value, serving both cultural and practical purposes for the people who have traditionally cultivated it.

Uses: Apart from its striking visual appeal, the Arikara Sunflower offers a range of uses. The seeds are edible and were historically consumed for their nutritional benefits. Furthermore, they were used medicinally by the Arikara people. The flowers themselves are ideal for cut arrangements, whether you desire a single dramatic stalk or a more complex arrangement featuring multi-headed blooms. Their impressive size can also serve as a natural screen or backdrop in your garden, fulfilling both aesthetic and functional roles.

Growth Habit and Planting Instructions: This sunflower variety is known for its towering height, reaching up to 12 feet tall. It produces massive flower heads, which can grow 12-16 inches across. You'll find a mix of single and multi-head stalks on each plant, adding complexity and interest to your garden or floral arrangements. To plant, sow seeds about 1 inch deep in well-drained soil, spacing them at least 12 inches apart to allow for robust growth. These are annual flowers that require full sun exposure for optimal development. With a quick maturity date of just 70 days, the Arikara Sunflower is a rewarding choice for those looking to add a blend of history, utility, and beauty to their gardens.

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