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Corn Seeds - Sweet - Double Red

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  • 20 Seeds
  • 75-85 Days to Maturity
  • Height: 7-9 feet tall
  • Color: Deep Red Ears
  • Type: Sweet Corn
  • Ideal for Fresh Consumption, Grilling, and Cooking Warm-Season Crop

History: Double Red Sweet Corn, with its captivating deep red hue, represents more than just an attractive ear of corn; it signifies the innovation and dedication of breeders and farmers over time. Its development was driven by a desire to not only create a corn that was flavorful but also visually stunning. Its popularity surged due to its unique appearance, quickly making it a favorite among home gardeners and small-scale farmers alike.

Uses: Its striking color isn't just for show. When bitten into, the kernels of Double Red Sweet Corn burst with sweetness and juiciness that is hard to match. This corn is incredibly versatile. Whether consumed fresh off the stalk, grilled to perfection on a summer evening, or incorporated into a myriad of dishes like salads, chowders, or succotash, its distinct sugary taste enhances the flavor profile of any meal.

Growing Habits & Planting Instructions: Flourishing under the warm embrace of the sun, Double Red Sweet Corn prefers a sunny spot in the garden. Soil that is well-draining serves as the ideal bed for its seeds. When planting, it's beneficial to employ a block pattern, which aids in effective pollination. Seeds can be sown directly post the last frost or kick-started indoors and transplanted when they sport 2-3 leaves. A growth window of around 75-85 days will see them reach maturity, but this can vary based on weather conditions. To achieve those sweet, juicy kernels, it's imperative to maintain consistent moisture throughout the growth period.

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