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Sweet Pea Seeds - Spencer Ripple Mix

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  • Seed Count: 10 Seeds
  • Maturity Date: 75-85 days from planting
  • Variety Type: Spencer Ripple Mix
  • Blossom Colors: A mix of vibrant and pastel shades
  • Growth Habit: Climbing vine
  • Plant Height: Up to 6-8 feet
  • Fragrance: Highly aromatic
  • Ideal Growing Conditions: Full sun, cool temperatures, and well-drained soil

History: The Spencer Ripple Mix Sweet Peas have a rich heritage, tracing back to the late 19th century. Originating in England, they were developed by crossing the original sweet pea with a mutant variety, resulting in large, ruffled blossoms. The ‘Spencer’ name honors the estate where these enchanting flowers were first bred, and over the years, they have captivated gardeners worldwide with their stunning array of colors and intense fragrance.

Uses: Spencer Ripple Sweet Peas are a favorite in the world of floriculture. Their large, wavy petals and stunning color mix make them an exquisite choice for ornamental gardens, trellises, and arbors. The fragrant blossoms are highly sought after for cut flower arrangements, adding both visual appeal and a delightful scent to bouquets and indoor displays.

Growing Habits & Planting Instructions: Spencer Ripple Mix Sweet Peas are climbers, requiring support structures like trellises or fences for optimal growth. For best results, sow seeds outdoors as soon as the soil can be worked in spring. Plant seeds 1 inch deep and 2 inches apart in well-drained soil. Ensure they receive full sun and moderate moisture. They thrive in cooler temperatures and should be kept well-watered, especially during dry spells. As the vines grow, gently guide them onto the support structure. Regular deadheading encourages more blooms, ensuring a vibrant display throughout the growing season. With proper care, these sweet peas will flourish, gracing your garden with their enchanting presence and fragrance.

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