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Tomatillo Seeds - Purple de Milpa

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  • Seed Count: 50 Seeds
  • Maturity Date: 70-90 Days from Transplant
  • Fruit Characteristics: Purple Hue, Less Than 1 inch in Diameter
  • Plant Height: 3-4 Feet Tall
  • Origin: Known to Grow Wild in Mexican Cornfields
  • Nutritional Benefits: High in Antioxidants and Vitamin C
  • Flavor Profile: Strong, Zingy Flavor
  • Indicators of Ripeness: Husk Surrounding the Tomatillo, Tight Fruit Inside the Husk

The Purple De Milpa Tomatillo stands as a testament to nature's wild beauty, having its origins in the vast cornfields of Mexico where it grew unfettered. This rare and naturally occurring variant of the tomatillo offers a beautiful purple hue, setting it apart from its green counterparts. Its existence and spread in traditional Mexican agriculture only add to its allure.

A powerhouse of flavor and nutrition, the Purple De Milpa Tomatillo brings both health benefits and an explosive taste to the table. Packed with antioxidants and vitamin C, these tomatillos are a great choice for health-conscious snackers. But it's their vibrant zingy flavor that truly shines, enhancing dishes from creamy guacamole, zesty salsas, heartwarming soups, to traditional tamales. The deep purple adds a touch of aesthetic appeal to any dish.

Growing Habits & Planting Instructions:
Kickstart your Purple De Milpa Tomatillo journey by transplanting seedlings or directly sowing seeds in warm soil. These plants prefer a sunny spot, ensuring they reach their potential height of 3-4 feet. Regular watering, occasional feeding, and a watchful eye for their characteristic purple hue will guide you to harvest time. Remember, ripe tomatillos are encased in a husk and should feel tight inside. Once they reach this stage, you're ready to reap the fruits of your labor and enjoy the taste of Mexico in every bite.

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