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Basil Seeds - Purple Dark Opal Basil

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  • 200 Seeds Packet
  • Life Cycle: Annual herb, completing its lifecycle within one growing season.
  • Plant Dimensions: Mature plants reach a height of 12-18 inches.
  • Color Palette: Exhibits dark purple flowers with subtle lilac hints atop red stems contrasting against green foliage.
  • Culinary Versatility: Leaves are perfect for enhancing salads, infusing into vinegars, crafting sauces, and serving as an elegant garnish.
  • Homogeneous Growth: Sourced from a select purple Italian seed mix ensuring consistent growth and appearance throughout.
  • Pollinator Attractor: Draws beneficial pollinators, enriching your garden's ecosystem.
  • Aesthetically Pleasing: The rich purple hue coupled with green makes it a striking addition to any garden or pot.

Historical Perspective: Purple Dark Opal Basil, a variant of the age-old basil, traces its roots back to Italy. Its distinct dark purple color palette has been cherished not only for its culinary uses but also as an ornamental plant, beautifying gardens and patios across time.

Culinary Uses: What sets the Purple Dark Opal Basil apart is its unique coloration and subtly different flavor profile. While maintaining the quintessential basil taste, it brings a slight peppery note, making it ideal for a variety of dishes. The dark purple leaves enhance the visual appeal of any dish they grace, be it a fresh summer salad, a robust sauce, or a zesty vinegar infusion. Their striking color can also be used to create vibrant oils and stunning garnishes.

Growth Habits & Planting Instructions: To cultivate Purple Dark Opal Basil, sow the seeds post the last frost in well-draining soil. Select a spot that receives ample sunlight. Space the seeds or young plants about 10 inches apart to ensure they have room to flourish. The plant thrives in moist soil, so regular watering is crucial, especially in the germination phase. As it matures, you'll witness a dance of colors - from the rich dark purple flowers to the contrasting green and red stems. Regular harvesting encourages a bushier growth, ensuring you have a steady supply throughout the season. As an added bonus, the beautiful flowers on this basil variety are known to attract beneficial pollinators, making it a delightful and functional addition to any garden space.

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