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Shiso Seeds - Murasakino

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  • 150 Seeds

  • Maturity: 75-85 Days from Planting

  • Taller stature: Up to 4 feet

  • Vibrant dark purple leaves

  • Staple in Japanese cuisine

  • Slightly spicier than green Shiso variants

  • Adaptable culinary uses: fresh or preserved

  • Perfect for sauces, salads, sushi, and sashimi

Origin & History:
Murasakino Shiso, a gem from the East, boasts a legacy steeped in the culinary traditions of Asia, especially Japan. This herb, beyond its culinary prowess, has been interwoven with cultural and spiritual practices, symbolizing protection and positive vibes in many Eastern rituals. Its striking dark purple hue sets it apart, making it not only a favorite in kitchens but also in gardens as a visually appealing plant.

Culinary & Medicinal Uses:
Murasakino Shiso, with its distinctive spicier edge compared to its green counterpart, finds itself at the heart of Japanese gastronomy. Its bold flavors elevate the delicate tastes of sushi and sashimi, making it an irreplaceable ingredient. Apart from its fresh use, Murasakino Shiso's versatility shines when its leaves are pickled, dried, or salted, morphing into a spectrum of flavors that tease and tantalize the palate.

Growing Habits & Planting Instructions:
Growing Murasakino Shiso is an adventure that promises rich rewards. This tall herb, reaching up to 4 feet, demands attention with its majestic dark purple leaves. To cultivate, choose a spot with well-draining soil and partial to full sun exposure. Sow the seeds a quarter inch deep, maintaining a spacing of around 12-18 inches between plants. Regular watering and occasional fertilizing will ensure you have a thriving, flavor-packed Murasakino Shiso ready to enhance your dishes.

Dive into a culinary journey interlaced with history and unparalleled flavor with our Murasakino Shiso seeds. This herb, beyond its taste, brings a touch of Asian artistry to your garden and plates. Embark on this delightful gardening experience and let every dish you prepare with it be a testimony to its rich legacy.

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