• 100 Seeds Per Packet
  • Flint/Popcorn
  • 1-2, 6-8" Long Ears Per Stalk 
  • 8-10' Tall
  • 110 Days

    Cherokee Glass Gem Corn is a stunning variety that is perfect for popping or grinding into cornmeal. Cherokee Glass Gem Corn was developed by Carl Barnes while mixing multiple varieties of rare Pawnee ancestrial corn varieties as well as multiple other native corn varieties.  



Cherokee Glass Gem Corn

  • After danger of frost has passed, direct sow seeds 1 inch deep and about 4 inches apart. Thin at least 8 inches apart. For best results, plant seeds into well-draining and fertile soil with full sun and plenty of irrigation. Pollination occurs when corn is planted in blocks of at least three rows or more rather than long rows. 


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