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Pepper Seeds - California Wonder 300 TMR

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  • 50 Seeds per Packet
  • 75-80 Days from Planting/Transplanting
  • Produces Large, Blocky Fruits with Thick Walls
  • Plant Grows to a Height of 24-36 inches
  • Disease-Resistant Strain for Enhanced Robustness
  • Sweet Flavor Ideal for a Multitude of Culinary Uses
  • Prefers Full Sun and Well-Drained Soil
  • Celebrated Legacy in Gardens for Its Consistent Yield and Quality

History: The California Wonder Sweet Pepper has a storied history in the world of gardening and culinary arts. For decades, its distinct flavor and texture have set it apart as a garden staple. The 300 TMR version introduces enhanced disease resistance, ensuring gardeners can relish the pepper's famed characteristics while benefiting from improved hardiness against common pepper ailments.

Uses: California Wonder Sweet Peppers are a chef's delight, their versatility shining in numerous dishes. From the stuffed pepper enthusiast to the grilled pepper aficionado, its sweet profile and substantial walls cater to a range of culinary ventures. Raw or cooked, their juicy sweetness can be the star of the dish or a complimentary flavor enhancer in salads, sautés, and more.

Growing Habits & Planting Instructions: For optimal growth, start your California Wonder Sweet Pepper seeds indoors, especially in cooler climates, 6-8 weeks before the last expected frost. Once the seedlings are sturdy and the external temperatures are consistently warm, transplant them outdoors. Sow the seeds a quarter-inch deep, spacing the plants 18-24 inches apart, with row spacing at around 30 inches. Position them in a spot that receives abundant sunlight, and ensure the soil drains well to prevent root rot. Regular watering and occasional fertilization will keep your plants thriving. Monitor for pests and diseases, especially given their susceptibility, even with the 300 TMR's enhanced resistance. As the peppers mature, harvest them to encourage more fruiting, and enjoy the sweet results of your gardening efforts.

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